3 Month Update


Oh my word, where has the time gone? 

I have officially been a nanny for 3 Months, this seems crazy to me. Ever since studying childcare at college, I have always imagined my path in childcare to lead towards Nannying. Yet I never thought I would make the move and love it so much! This move into nannying has probably been one of the biggest things I’ve ever done, I’ve moved to a new city, made new friends, renting my own place, found a job and I can actually say I am so happy. I am so proud of myself, when making these big life decisions theres always  the what if thoughts…

What if I don’t get on with the family…

What if I can’t make friends…

What if I don’t find anywhere to live….

What if I hate the city…..

I can honestly say that none of these ‘what ifs’ have even crossed my mind since, having moved around a lot as a child I found it incredibly easy to settle in a new place and quickly call it home. Made lots of friends and the family I work for are incredible. I could have easily talked myself out of this new chapter due to these thoughts but I think when you’re making a life changing decision you need to be 100% selfish and think about what you want…where you want to be in 5 years time. I think it can be easy to listen to someone who’s had a bad experience with nannying and only remember their opinion. However we should be really focusing on the good! This probably seems like a post where Im talking about how amazing my life is right now….  Actually I am just very proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and it working out.


I guess this post isn’t really about anything about the Job really, but its about me and my happiness. I can’t wait to share with you some new ideas and recipes, I would also love to talk more about my experience the agency I use, how I made friends in a new city and how I’m finding my (work) life as a nanny.

I would love to know if you have any questions, please message me on here or comment on my instagram (thenannydiary1)




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