The First Few Weeks

So I am now into my third week as a full time nanny and absolutely loving it. I have built some lovely relationships with the family and the baby. I thought I would write a post to talk about a few things that made the transition easier.

Getting to know the family before hand, during the time between being offered the job and starting me and the family had lots of contact asking them questions if I was unsure about anything. Ensure you ask the family as many questions as possible. Set up a contract, this is something the family should do, just ensure you read it throughly and query anything you are unsure of!

Ask the family to provide you with a rough guide to the child’s routine especially if they are babies (to ensure you and he family are following the same routine).

It’s also hand for the family to provide you with a task sheet, to highlight your duties and tasks that are expected during your week, my family have daily and weekly, they have also written a small section about laundry (I only do the baby’s) about different settings to put different things on. And another section about the cleaner stating the name and what to do when she is here and timings etc.

This has been amazing as although Mum physically told me this information and showed me its nice to have it written down to refer to!

Contact information

Please ensure that the family provide you with a contact sheet, this should contain important contact numbers both parents (if present) mobile and work numbers! Also ensure there are emergency contact numbers of other family members or a close friend (this is so if there was an emergency and you couldn’t reach the parents). Also ensure the child’s Doctors surgery address, name of doctor and contact number is on there. Closest hospital and any other information that may be relevant.

The Handover

Try and see if the family or current nanny can do a handover with you, I found this incredibly valuable as it gives you the opportunity to get to know the child and their routine with the help of someone who knows them incredibly well. This was helpful for the parents to show me where the babies groups, swimming lessons and classes are. It also gave time for the baby to get to know me and build a good bond without being thrown in at the deep end.

I am going to write another post later in the week about getting to know the local area and getting to know the home, both of which can seem daunting but very important.

Thank you so much for reading be sure to follow me on Instagram @thenannydiary1 to keep up with what I’m doing Day to Day! Also this is a great platform to ask Further questions about my experience



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