Finding A Family

So this is something that is the most important part of your job search, whether you go with agency it’s so important to ensure you match and connect with the right family for you.

My Experience so far…

So I started interviewing with families in January this year, I connected with the family via I had a great interview they asked lots of questions. They were French (I don’t speak French) so the interview was a little ropy with a lot of broken english. I found this difficult because they didn’t seem to know what they wanted in a nanny. I felt they could do with the guidance of an agency. As they haven’t hired a nanny before and didn’t really understand the process, also I haven’t been a nanny before so we both didn’t understand it enough.

I had a few more interviews with families and found that our dates didn’t match up and they wanted someone with a little bit more nanning experience under their belt. I then joined Kiwi Oz Nanny Agency. This was the best thing I could have done, from start to finish they have been amazing I had 6 interviews with families lined up very quickly. I initially spoke to some of them on Skype and then met them in person. I met 4 families who invited me back for trials and 2 job offers in a very short space of time.

Turning Down A Job

I turned down a job because It didn’t feel right…. the children were lovely the parents were lovely and the salary was great. I just didn’t feel as though it was the job for me. I would say never go for a job because you think you like it! You have to know, even if you try to talk yourself into it because you think its everything you’ve been looking for. You need to want the job! This job was the perfect aged children and the parents were so nice. But something wasn’t right.

The Right Job

I initially spoke to the parents on Skype and immediately felt so excited, and started getting my hopes up that this would be the job I’d been waiting for! The mum was soooo down to earth and I liked everything I heard. I didn’t have any doubts, I immediately wanted to tell everyone how excited I was. She invited me back for a second interview a few days later. I attended the interview feeling optimistic, as soon as I walked in I felt so comfortable, the parents were incredibly welcoming and made me feel at ease. I spent about an hour with them talking about routines and activities and meals and the list goes on! 45 minutes later whilst I was talking to my sister about the job (telling her how perfect it would be) the mum text me offering me  the job! I didn’t need to think about it, this was the job for me. I called her straight away and accepted! I start in just under two weeks!

The thing that I’m trying to explain is, you will know when the right job comes along, it might take a couple of weeks and feel like you’re getting nowhere but it will happen. Don’t just accept any job, accept the right job!



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