Where To Find A Job

I have decided to write about my journey in finding and securing my first Nannying job, I have compiled a list of places to look.


Gum Tree – There are hundreds of Nanny jobs placed onto Gumtree every week, I have applied for many and even had an interview with a family through Gumtree. Ensure you have an up to date CV and write an informative cover letter. It helps if you put you interview availability in there somewhere also. – This is a website specifically made to connect families with caregivers whether that be baby sitters, childminders and Nannies. It’s a great website and relatively easy to use. I did find that the layout of the website can make it more complicated to apply for jobs, on occasion I applied for some jobs thinking they were full time and they would actually be a couple of days a week (not ideal). However I also secured an interview with a family through this website. (They were interviewing lots of candidates, so didn’t get the job). – I used this website for a couple of months, it advertises jobs added by both parents and agencies. So if you have a preference to not be contacted by agencies ensure you pay attention to the section where it states who added the job.


KIWIOZ – I have absolutely loved KIWI OZ nannies, they are very quick and consistent when replying to messages. I could be biased as this is the agency I secured my first position. From the day we first had contact they were brilliant, responding to my emails giving me ample information and always being at the end of the phone when I had a question. I had been working with the agency around 2 weeks before I had my first interview with a family. I had lots of interviews with various families, I was offered one job and a couple of trials before I accepted my role. I have learned that it is very important to have the right feeling from a family, if you are unsure about anything DON’T TAKE THE JOB. It is so important to get the right feeling from a family.

LittleOnesLondon – This agency was very responsive and quick in the beginning, they were quick to get my in to their office for an interview. The interview with the recruiter was delayed by 40 minutes as she was delayed in an interview (things happen I guess). I had a good feeling about the agency, my consultant was very good gave me a lot of information. Then I didn’t hear anything……for about a month and a half. I phoned the agency one day to find out what was going on and my recruiter had left the business. I was not informed which didn’t make me feel confident about using them again. Other people might have great experiences with them but I didn’t (just my experience).


Everything written is my personal opinion.



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